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Introduction to Adjectives


Adjectives are the words that qualify nouns or noun equivalents i.e. pronouns. So, they may tell the quality and / or quantity of persons, places, things and feelings etc.

Examples of Adjectives : good, great, awesome, bad, beautiful, awesome, urgent, tall, fat, few, agile, intelligent, stubborn, sincere, stupid, healthy, weak, strong, wealthy, high, black, red, straight, talented, submissive, active, poor, incorrigible, circular, first, exact, smooth etc.

Adjectives add something to the meaning of nouns and pronouns. They may tell us as what kind of a thing, person, place or feeling is being talked about; or may tell how much of anyone of them is under consideration. Some adjectives also describe the rank or order of nouns and pronouns. Here again, it must be noted that a given word which is an adjective may perform some other function such as that of a noun, a pronoun or an adverb.

In order to have complete insight into the usage of adjectives, following aspects of adjectives need to be studied in detail.

  • Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives
  • Formation of Adjectives
  • Types of Adjectives
  • Position of Adjectives in a Sentence
  • Order When Multiple Adjectives are Used to Qualify a Single Noun / Pronoun 
  • Adjectives vs Adverbs
  • Adjectives vs Pronouns
  • Adjectives vs Nouns
  • Correct Usage of Adjectives – Points to be Observed  

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