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Daily Vocabulary - "Intrepid"


Part of Speech:



Brave, courageous 

Variations in Form:

More intrepid (Comparative)

Most intrepid (Superlative)

Intrepidly (Adverb)

Intrepidity (Noun)


Special forces undertake tasks that need extraordinary courage, will power & strength. This is possible only if the members of these forces possess such qualities as are required to accomplish very difficult tasks. That is to say, the members of the special forces are intrepid.


Brave, courageous, fearless, dauntless, undaunted, bold, noble,  daring, gallant, heroic, resolute, valiant, daring, unafraid, valorous, lion-hearted, stalwart    

Similar Word(s):

Resolute, firm, determined, definite, stubborn, unwavering, confident, gutsy, unflinching, steadfast, dogged, constant, stout, dynamic, adventurous, unflinching


Fearful, cowardly, timid, coy, afraid, frightened, terrified, scared, anxious, apprehensive, doubtful, gutless, pusillanimous, nervous

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