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Daily Vocabulary - "acquiesce"


Part of Speech:



To give in OR to agree without protesting

Variations in Forms:

Acquiesced (Past Tense)

Acquiesced (Past Participle)

Acquiescing (Present Participle)

Acquiescing (Gerundial)

Acquiescence (Noun)

Acquiescent (Adjective)

Acquiescently (Adverb)


I wanted to take my wife for the matinee show of a newly released movie on our wedding anniversary, but she insisted on going to the market as she has a penchant for shopping. Since I couldn’t go against her wishes, I simply acquiesced to my wife’s demand.  


accede, accept, agree, assent, bow, consent, comply, submit, yield, concur, allow, permit, respect, surrender, capitulate

Similar Word(s):

cooperate, empathize, obey, promise, approve, cede, subscribe, endorse, pledge, approve, consider


contradict, differ, dissent, reject, spurn, decline, deny, refuse, reject, protest, rebuff , snub, ban, rebuff, forbid, stop, prohibit, prevent

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