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OWS - Related to Governance / Polity

50 Most Commonly Used One Word Substitutions (Related to Governance / Polity): 

1. Abdicate: To step down from a throne or an office of dignity

2. Aborigines: The original inhabitants of a country

3. Adhocracy: A flexible and informal style of organizing, managing and governing, generally on ad-hoc basis i.e in an unstructured manner 

4. Albocracy: A government by white-skinned people, usually discriminatory against those of other colours 

5. Alien: One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen

6. Amnesty: General pardon of political offenders

7. Anarchist: A person who doesn't believe in the system of organised governance and wishes to throw out all establishments

8. Anarchy: Absence of government/governance

9. Angelocracy: Government by the angels 

10. Aristocracy: Government by the nobles i.e by the best citizens 

11. Autocracy / Despotism / Dictatorship: A government by one person who possesses absolute powers and exercises uncontrolled authority 

12. Autonomy: The right to self-government 

13. Bureaucracy: Government run by officials or departments of the state

14. Chauvinism: Unreasonable enthusiasm for the glorification of one's country

15. Condominium: Joint control or sovereignty exercised over a country by other countries (usually by a group)

16. Cosmopolitan: A person who regards the whole world as his own country

17. Demagogue: A political leader who tries to gain support of ordinary people by exploiting their ignorance

18. Democracy: Government of the people, by the people and for the people 

19. Diarchy / Dyarchy: Government by two independent authorities or people 

20. Gerontocracy: Government run by the old / elderly people 

21. Hagiocracy: Government run by saints and holy persons 

22. Hierocracy: A hierarchical rule or government controlled by priests 

23. Hinterland: Parts of a country behind the coast or a river bank

24. Idiocracy: Self or personal rule 

25. Infiltrator: A person who sneaks into a country

26. Interregnum: The period between two reigns

27. Isocracy: A system of government in which all people possess equal political powers 

28. Kakistocracy: A government run by the fools or incompetent people  

29. Kleptocracy: A government in which will of thieves prevails 

30. Manifesto: Policy as a political party

31. Matriarchy: Government run by mothers or women 

32. Mob: Group or crowd of people in a riot, unrest or demonstration 

33. Mobocracy: Government run by a mob 

34. Monarchy: Government run by an individual, generally in hierarchical manner 

35. Mutiny: Open rebellion of soldiers against a lawful authority

36. Oligarchy: Government run by the few people 

37. Patriarchy: Government by men or fathers 

38. Plebiscite: Decision made upon a political question by the votes of all qualified persons

39. Plenipotentiary: A person with full discretionary powers to act on behalf of a country

40. Plutocracy: Government run by the wealthy people 

41. Politics: The science of government

42. Protocol: System or code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence

43. Referendum: To decide a political question by the direct vote of the whole electorate

44. Regicide: Murder of a king

45. Revolution: Sweeping governmental change

46. Stratocracy: Government run by the military forces 

47. Technocracy: Government run by technical experts 

48. Theocracy: Government run by divine guidance i.e the God or a deity is considered as the king or the immediate ruler 

49. Whip: A person sharing responsibility for a political party's discipline and tactics

50. Xenocracy: Government run by the foreigners

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