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Introduction to Nouns


Nouns are the words used to denote the names of persons, places, things, qualities, actions, feelings and materials etc. Some nouns also name the groups or collections of persons, places, things, animals and other such entities.

Examples of Nouns : book, pen, table, man, girl, student, tiger, village, cluster, river, convoy, water, iron, gold, India, London, wisdom, intelligence, stone, wood, creativity, sparrow, attitude, gravity, greatness, superiority, urgency, vehicle, army, home and residence etc.

This article is intended to just introduce the nouns and related aspects that one needs to study. Following are the main heads under which the nouns have to be studied.

Types of Nouns

Morphology (Form or Structure) of Nouns  

Words Used as Nouns as well as Other Parts of Speech

Functions of Nouns in a Sentence

Identification of Nouns

Change in Number (Singular – Plural) of Nouns

Change in Gender of Nouns

Possessive Case of Nouns

Nouns in Apposition

Nominative Case

Correct Usage of Nouns – Points to be Observed 

Classification of Nouns : Depending on the criterion used, nouns can be classified into various types in following four ways.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Regular and Irregular Nouns

Abstract and Concrete (Mass) Nouns

Common, Proper, Collective, Material and Abstract Nouns.


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