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Introduction to Interjections


The words used to convey sudden feelings of joy, sorrow, happiness, excitement or surprise are known as interjections. They induce fair play of emotions related to the subject under consideration and also help in conveying the mood expressed in the utterance.  

Examples of Interjections : Oh!, Alas!, Uff!, Wow!, Hurrah!

The number of words used as interjections is quite limited. Interjections are more effective when used in spoken form; still, they can’t be ignored because of the emotional element that they lend to a piece of writing. Sometimes, mark of exclamation is put after other parts of speech like adjectives and adverbs to make them fit for performance of the role of interjections.

Use of suitable interjections at appropriate positions is very critical to convey feelings suited to the occasion. More knowledge can be acquired about interjections by going through detailed discussion under following heads.

  • Types of Interjections
  • Position of Interjections in a Sentence
  • Other Words / Expressions Used as Interjections

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