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Introduction to Prepositions


Prepositions are the words used to describe relative positions of nouns / pronouns and other nouns / pronouns with respect to time, place or space. Prepositions are usually placed before the nouns or pronouns with which the relative position of a previously mentioned noun or pronoun has to be described. Here, consideration is to be given not only to nouns but also to words and expressions that are used as their equivalents.

Examples of Prepositions : at, in, on, upon, to, into, for, from, since, above, below, before, after, till, until, over, under etc.

Prepositions are relatively shorter words but perform a great deal of work in order to clarify the ideas to be conveyed through a sentence. They are also used in combination with verbs to form a special kind of expressions that we call as Phrasal Verbs which help in devising verbs in a different manner and add variety to the presentation of ideas. Phrasal verbs are formed by adding different prepositions after certain verbs to give them different meanings. For example : look into, look after, look in, look up etc; have same verb ‘look’ in them but convey different meanings when different prepositions are placed after them.

Discussion on following aspects will help us in knowing more about the prepositions.

  • Types of Prepositions
  • Prepositional Phrases
  • Phrasal Verbs (Verbs Followed by Prepositions)
  • Prepositions vs Conjunctions
  • Prepositions vs Adverbs
  • Main Points to Avoid Incorrect Use of Prepositions  

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