Why Say "Yes" to Learn English?

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5 Solid Reasons to Learn English

People often ask the question, “What is the need of learning English when I am quite proficient in my own language?” This question is generally posed by those who are emotionally bound by the shackles of regional, racial, socio-cultural, religious and linguistic considerations. So, the present dilemma necessitates a fair discussion of the subject. Following points should suffice to logically deduce the requirement of learning the modern day language of the world – English.    

1. English – a global language :  English is a truly global language. It stands first among all the languages of the world if we take into consideration the native as well as non-native speakers. However, in terms of number of native speakers, English ranks third after Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish. Besides being official language of more than sixty countries, it also either the official language or working language of most of the international organizations such as the UNO, the IMF, the World Bank, the NATO, the BRICS, the ADB, the NAM, the ASEAN and the Commonwealth of Nations etc. 

2. English – a language of business communication : English, being a business language of the day, has significantly contributed to the phenomenon of globalization. As globalization entails setting up of business organizations across the world, the first and foremost need is to establish a channel of communication among the affected entities. A widely used and understood language like English is the fittest one to cater to this need. Most of the MNCs look upon speakers of English to communicate with the local populace so that regulatory compliance can be easily met. Almost all records related to business transactions are maintained in English language. Businessmen not only prefer to conduct business meetings in English but also feel privileged to make the business presentations in English only. 

3. English – a language of learning : Vast resources for learning are available in English. This language possesses a great treasure of knowledge as books on all the subjects of learning have either been written in English or they have been translated into it. Study material on diverse domains, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Literature and Philosophy; is easily available in English. In fact, no publication is considered to be significant unless it is published in English. Further, universities and other institutions of international repute put forward proficiency in English as a prerequisite for prospective students seeking admission there. 

4. Knowledge of English improves employability : As has been discussed beforehand, English language is all pervasive; be it in the form of official language or working language or business language. This aspect of English underlines the fact that a huge number of people proficient in English are required to fit various posts to carry out the routine business. Anyone not conversant with this language is sure to miss the opportunity to get hired by prospective employers, which otherwise could be lapped up. Most employers (public as well as private) put forward knowledge of English as desirable to apply for the vacancies to be filled up by them. So, it becomes crucial for one and all to learn English.   

5. English – the language of computers and internet : Modern age is the age of computers and internet. No facet of life has remained untouched by the IT revolution. English is the preferred language for writing codes for majority of programs. It is also the most favorite language for publishing web pages and mobile apps. There seems to be an unwritten law to have an English version of websites and mobile apps even if they have been developed and published in some other language. Although opportunities in the field of IT do exist in other languages as well, but at some point of time or the other, one is likely to resort to the use of English to achieve the end result in this domain. 

From the above discussion, it becomes evident that the relevance of English can’t be overlooked in order to make a significant progress in modern times. With the advent of modern communication technologies, the world has shrunk to a great extent and has become a very small place. Contribution of English must be duly recognized in this regard. Knowledge of such a terrific language must always be considered as a prized possession and hence sincere effort must be made to learn English.  

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